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  • Review Process, training, Lifelong Learning approach

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    The new process requires a lifetime of Learning and Lifelong Learning are identified in this study therefore sought the views of experts and professionals come from the educational system to answer this question: Due to the accelerated change ahead, of what education should be the process? Survey method was used in this study , tool for gathering information on the validity of the survey questionnaire made by professionals and experts in education and validation using coefficient alpha “kranbakh” the value is “0/87” was approved and Data using descriptive and inferential statistics were evaluated using two methods: the results are as follows :”85” percent agreed with the change in teaching methods:”85” percent agreed with the strengthening of collaborative Learning, “91” percent agree with the motivation, “87/5” percent agreed with the Teaching staff, espedally teachers, “81/5” percent agrees with the change in curriculum organization and “85” percent agreed with the diversity of the references in the training process were studied. It is recommended that schools hold classes and visits to comps and field experiences to provide the collective life, participation of staff and students to provide educational experiences , the individual competition will become a competition, a sense of responsibility to strengthen the group’s activities.

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    Learning/teaching methods/motivation/creative development/staff training

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