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  • جداسازی تاکسول از عصاره گیاه سرخدار (taxus bacata) به روش استخراج فاز جامد توسط پلیمرقالب مولکولی تقویت شده با نانولوله کربنی ومقایسه با نانو تیتانیوم اکسید

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    : After the library studies in the laboratory stage, first of all using the Taxol molecule template, acrylic acid monomers, and cross-linker Ethylene glycol dimethylacrylate agent, in the presence of Azobisisobutyronitrile initiators MIP, the NIP was built. And after the best extraction conditions, relevant assessments were done. Then, with the help of a material medium based on immiscible silicate , integrating it with functionalized carbon nanotubes (adequate with template molecules) again MIP and NIP were prepared and compared in the same condition extraction. Carbon nanotubes were functionalized by traditional methods.the Analyte of interest from the aqueous phase, using nano-absorbent, moved into phase extraction (efficiency of separation is dependent on fixed distribution between the two phases and the operation was conducted under optimum conditions such as proper pH adjustment, and the results were analyzed to derive the rise), Then the desired compound absorbing nanocomposite based on MIP and the unabsorbed waste solution were given to the HPLC device to be measured. The results show the omission of Taxol solution MIP, and adsorption of the analyte in the real sample was 43.15%.

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    Taxol/ MIP/ carbon nanotubes/ functionalization/ Sol-Gel/ HPLC/

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